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Yuti Shastri

Candidate for President

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Hello NAIT Students,

I am Yuti, and I am running for NAITSA’s President position to represent your voices!

I graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Technology program and am currently pursuing BTech degree as an international student from Zambia.

During my time at NAIT, I have volunteered at NAIT’s New Student Orientations, International centre events, and I was fortunate to be a part of the Campus Activities Board as a Clubs Coordinator, Campus Club assistant, and Posterboard coordinator at NAITSA. You may have seen me handing out free coffee/snacks or putting NAITSA events posters around. With all of these activities, I’ve been able to interact with students from all over campus and understand some of their viewpoints and needs.

As your representative, I bring experience advocating for both domestic and international students to the table. My education at NAIT has taught me to be a better analyst in situations that demand strategic solutions, have compassion for all people, be resilient, and build interpersonal skills. I encourage my fellow students by having open conversations with them and treat everyone with respect seeking to form genuine connections. All of my experiences at NAIT have shaped who I am, and this has encouraged me to run for President to serve NAIT students.

If elected President, I would advocate for:

  • More opportunities/jobs for students on campus,
  • Sustain the momentum of advocating for Open Educational Resources (OERS) for students which would mean lower cost and affordable alternatives for textbooks,
  • More mental health support for students and awareness,
  • Work to support NAITSA staff in bringing in more partnerships to support student life as many ways as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at if you’d like to talk more, ask questions, or share how you’d like me to represent you. Going to school during a pandemic can be challenging, but by supporting each other, we can ensure that we all have a great and well-rounded experience at NAIT.

It would be an honor for me to represent you and voice your concerns. Thank you so much!

If you want your President to be someone like you, please vote YUTI SHASTRI for President.