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Hello fellow students,

My name is Renata Medeiros, I am a Bachelor of Technology international student from Brazil, and I am running to be re-elected as your VP Academic!

I am a third-year student, and during this time, I had the opportunity to volunteer for different departments in the institution and engage with hundreds of students. Through this contact, I learned about the barriers they were facing and what improvements they would like to see at NAIT to be more successful during their academic lives. Having the honour to work as NAITSA’s Vice President Academic and sit at NAIT’s Board of Governors as a student representative during this past year allowed me to ensure that the institution’s executives were listening to students and considering their opinions when making decisions.

I have also supported students during a specially challenging year, helping them transition from an online format to in-person and back to online again, reminding them of their rights and helping them achieve fairness when facing some unjust decisions that impacted their academic progression. I also worked to provide students with the opportunity to get free tutoring sessions and access to physical and mental wellness resources during exam season, ensuring they were supported in every way needed to be successful. For those reasons, I would really like to continue representing you for another year. Students need someone who will listen and advocate for them, without prejudice and always with their best interest in mind.

If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for increased academic and wellness supports that will meet you where you are, whether that is on-campus or online, and bring your voices to NAIT’s executives when they propose changes that will directly impact your studies. One of those changes is the introduction of new fees. I would like to continue representing you during these consultations with the institution regarding which fees represent a valuable addition for us as students and set a fair amount that we can afford – tuition is already high enough, and we shouldn’t pay for services that are NAIT’s responsibility.

If you’d like to talk to me, have questions, or want to give me suggestions, send me an email at

Vote Renata for VP Academic!