Renata Medeiros

Candidate for vp academic

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Hello, fellow NAIT students!

My name is Renata Medeiros, I am a Photographic Technology student, and I’m running to be your next VP Academic!

Being an international student at NAIT for the last 2 years and volunteering as an International Peer Mentor since last September have helped me understand some of the struggles and concerns students have when transitioning to NAIT. At this volunteer position, I was able to help students at different stages of their lives to understand NAIT’s culture, how to access some resources available to students, and balance their schoolwork and family responsibilities. This experience of getting to know students and their struggles has inspired me to run for the VP Academic position. I also have 6 years of leadership experience, which will help me advocate and get results for your academic needs.

I believe that for students to be successful during their time in a post-secondary institution such as NAIT, which requires a lot of work and effort, they need to be able to rely on their mental and physical health to be stable to go through these challenging times. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and students struggle mentally and physically to get through a term. When elected, I will advocate for more easily accessible mental health services, that can be reached whenever a student is going through a rough time and needs someone to talk to, and better physical health support, whether in person or online.

Along with mental health, students need to be supported in academic ways to be able to succeed at NAIT. I will advocate for the continuity of essential services and improvement of them to accommodate our online environment. I will search for opportunities to collaborate with NAIT to make counselling and student advising available for longer periods, so that all of us, be it day or night students, have the opportunity to access those essential and fundamental services for our academic success.

I will do my best to ensure that NAITSA has open and improved communication methods with students so that you know what’s happening on campus and how that impacts your academic life.

Moreover, I will do my best to support and advise students about all services that NAIT and NAITSA offer in a way that you know what is available to help you succeed while studying at NAIT, whether you choose it or not to use those services.

If you’d like to talk to me, have questions, or want to give me suggestions, send me an email at

 Vote YES for Renata for NAITSA’s VP Academic!