Natalie Sarzynski

Candidate for vp external

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This is a year that will go down in history, as we’re all aware. It’s easy to feel that your opinion doesn’t matter surrounding the current political climate. Now is the time to elect leadership that will make your opinion their priority. 

Hello, my name is Natalie Sarzynski and by voting for me as your Vice President External this year, I’ll be here to listen to you and ensure that I do my best to have your concerns delivered to the right people.

The job of the VP External is to represent NAIT as an ambassador to outside organisations. This means that I will have the opportunity to sit on boards such as the Alberta Student Executive Council (ASEC), who influence the decisions of the government for funding that directly effect you. I’ll be advocating on your behalf and that’s why I need to earn your trust.

The diversity of programs at NAIT also brings a large variety of needs and expectations. By working together, I believe we can establish goals for the next year that will benefit everyone.  As your VP External, some of the relevant issues I plan to focus on include: 

  1. Consistency of Instruction Delivery
  • Supporting your transition to online studying and evolving strategies for instructors to deliver their material in more efficient ways.
  1. Open Educational Resources (OER’s)
  • Developing better alternatives for students to access more affordable textbooks.
  1. Health Support Services
  • Advocating for extensions for the mental health grant.
  1. UPass
  • Informing students about the upcoming referendum and underlining the necessity of affordable transportation for all students

Why vote for me?

Over the last year I have worked as a Volunteer Coordinator with the NAITSA Campus Activities Board. This opportunity gave me firsthand experience to reflect on the uncertainties that current students have at NAIT. I want you to get the best out of your academic experience. My empathy and strong work ethic are powerful skills that will contribute to attaining our goals for the coming year.

My commitment to you will be full transparency, accountability, and an eagerness to produce constructive change!

Let’s make a difference this year. Vote Natalie Sarzynski as your VP External. Together we can make sure that your voice is heard!