Lizaan Fourie

Candidate for vp internal

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Hello NAIT students! My name is Lizaan Fourie and I am running to be your next Vice President Internal. I am currently going to NAIT for my bachelor’s in business administration. My focus as VP Internal is you! I want to make sure everyone in the student body is heard. My goal is to be the voice for all your issues and concerns. The way I see it, is that the student body is my leading voice, each and every individual. I am responsible for bringing forward the voice of students and making sure everyone is heard.

            I believe that our experiences build who we are. They build our ideas, perspectives, and goals. I believe I have a rounded perspective to contribute and I hope to build and widen my viewpoint. So, a bit about me. I am originally from South Africa, but I have been in Canada for about twelve years. During my time in Canada, I have lived in the small-town prairies of Saskatchewan and I have also lived in the secluded Rocky Mountains in Alberta and I am currently living in the urban area of Edmonton. What this means to you is that I understand the struggling of people who have immigrated to Canada, I understand the bonds and “hometown vibes” of the small-town living, I understand the struggle of seclusion in rural communities and I understand the excitement and uniqueness of the city life. In my life, I have tried to be openminded and to continuously grow my outlook.

I know everyone is different, but I also believe we can all connect in some way. We can build our community together. We are all at different parts in our lives, but we all have come together in one university. I want to encourage and celebrate new bonds and friendships we make as a community. I believe we are all unique and diverse and by sharing our minds and stories with each other we can expand each other’s way of thinking. I hope to create a new perspective of openness, acceptance, and kindness. A society where we can trust within one another and build relationships on mutual bonds. I hope to make sure that your NAIT experience is inclusive and fun.

I want to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome in our NAIT community. I want to be an aid for all individuals who are going through their university careers. I believe that there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to help other people and help them to discover and achieve their best selves.

My mission is to make sure there is something for everyone and that NAIT is a community for where everyone can become the best versions of themselves. Vote for me, Lizaan Fourie, as your next Vice President Internal and so I that can provide a voice for you and help you have the best experience at NAIT that you can!