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Kaedee Fythe Torrino

Candidate for President

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Hello everyone! I am Kaedee Fythe Torrino, fulfilling my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration of Finance and Human Resource Management.

Here are my intentions of serving you as your next NAITSA President for 2022-2023:

I trust my capabilities for leadership, innovating solutions, and representing the NAIT Student Body.

Student leadership and governance were introduced to me very early, starting at 7 years old.

My experience as your former NAIT Student Association (NAITSA) Senator Finance Sub-committee in 2020-2021 adds value to my growth. Currently, I am representing as NAIT Board of Governors – Student at Large until August 2022. I am participating as a member of the Industry Partnership and External Relations Committee (IPERC). I am also part of the Decolonization, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEDI) Committee in the Alberta Student Executive Council (ASEC), providing valuable insights and discussions.

As a NAIT Student, I maximize every opportunity to be involved and grow. I sharpen my critical and innovative thinking through events at NAIT Mawji Centre for New Venture Centre for Entrepreneurship since Fall 2019. In January 2022, I competed with a team of NAIT Business students as we ranked Finalist for the University of Alberta’s Not-for-Profit (NFP) Association – External Case Competition. As you may know, NAITSA operates as an NFP Organization. Should you elect me as President, you can leverage my relevant strengths and talent.

My involvements at NAIT include virtual tours as your NAIT Campus Ambassador. I volunteer as a Student Panel – JRSSB New Student Orientation and as Student Ambassador during “Find your Future at NAIT – International Student” Webinars and as a Nimbus Tutor for Level 1 Business Courses.

Another big thing is that…

I trust the possibilities of the results we can create.

As your NAIT Student Leader, I can bring authentic leadership to every meeting involving crucial conversations and discussions. I am confident to continue serving and creating an impact this way. I discern that the top student concerns are:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Mandatory Non-instructional Fees (MNIF’s)
  • Accessibility of Informational, Learning, and Supplemental Resources

According to the Alberta Tuition Framework for both Academic Program and Apprenticeship, I firmly advocate for fair tuition fees from 2022-to 2023. I ensure efficient student consultation should there be an increase according to the CPI averages across the Alberta post-secondary institutions.

Under the Post-Secondary Learning Act of the Alberta Legislation, any proposed MNIF by NAIT must require consent from NAITSA with the directions that the Student Association Members provide.

In addition, I continue initiating to leverage the existing resources for students. Emerging opportunities to support learning inclusion are with OERs, technology enhancement, and “hyflex” classrooms for robust choice of learning. The feasibility and demand for these resources are subject to analysis and negotiation with the associated costs.

I discern the primary responsibility is to be your spokesperson to advocate your emerging needs as NAIT students in Alberta, Canada.

The stakes are high with crucial accountability.

I trust you with the leader you choose.

This is Kaedee Fythe Torrino, your NAITSA President once elected.