Jeneel Frani

Candidate for vp external

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Hi fellow students! I’m Jeneel Frani, and I’m running to be your VP External.

Experience & Education

I am an international student in my 2nd year of the BTech (Technology Management) Program. I have earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in the Philippines and have worked for almost five years as a software developer. During this time, I have worked with diverse cultures worldwide on multiple projects of varying complexity. This experience helped me build a strategic work ethic, strong communication skills, and relationship-building skills. I have also worked as a college instructor for a short time. Being an instructor showed me the importance of having a student body rooting for the students’ success.

I am currently serving as a NAITSA Senator and work with the current Executive Council team. Working as a senator helped me understand your challenges as a student and how we can help you. Seeing the Executive Council in action has inspired me to take on this journey and build on what they have accomplished.


I strongly believe in the importance of NAITSA’s role in helping NAIT students. Therefore, as your VP External, I will do everything in my power to ensure the continuation and improvement of NAITSA’s services. I will advocate and speak on behalf of the students and bring your issues to Alberta’s governing bodies. As your VP External, I will advocate for:

  • Creating better communication channels between students and the Executive Council
  • Improving the remote learning experience
  • Continuous financial and mental health support during the COVID 19 pandemic
  • Building relationships between NAIT students and industry leaders.

The Executive Council can serve you better if we hear from you. Remote learning during this pandemic has been challenging for most of us. We can demand a more standard remote learning experience for everyone. I also promise to use my office to advocate for the continuous COVID 19 support for all students. Lastly, I will do my best to let industry leaders know how NAIT students are ready to take on jobs.

Let’s Talk!

Let me know your thoughts about how we can serve you better. Talk to us about the challenges you face. It will always be a pleasure to hear from you and represent you. You can reach out to me at

Please vote Jeneel Frani for Vice President External.

Thank you!