Willow Shelley


Hello friends (and soon to be friends)!

My name is Willow and I absolutely love NAIT. I have been a student here twice. In 2015 I graduated with an Honours Accounting Diploma. I am back again and in my third year of the BBA program. In total I have been here over 10 semesters with a combination of part time, full time, evening, online and summer classes. Therefor, I know first hand the pain and struggle of being a student while juggling the rest of life. But, I also know what makes it awesome.

Being a successful student and keeping your sanity with a busy schedule takes balance and lots of support. So, what does that look like? Support from family, friends and peers. Having awesome clubs and events to meet friends, unwind and have a good time. Free food. Access to counselling. And someone that will hear your voice and make it all happen for you. I want to listen and be that support for you.

When I was campaigning for the NAITSA Student Senate Representative for Business Administration this past October, I asked students to tell me their on-campus concerns, issues and suggestions. This was the response I received:

Study Supports
• More collaboration rooms and student study spaces
• Increased tutoring services
• Fall Term break

Mental Health
• Peer support programs
• Increased availability for counselling services during exams

Clubs & Events
• Events equally dispersed throughout the NAIT campuses
• Continued awesome and affordable events
• Club support

Since being voted in I have represented students on all of these and more. As a Senator I have worked closely with our NAITSA executive team and the other senators to ensure students are being heard and concerns are being addressed. As a senator I have also been apart of both the governance and finance sub-committees. In these roles I have held our executive accountable as well as directly encouraged them in their goals.

One goal I am particularly passionate about was initiated by Calli-Rae Barker, our current VP Student Services. She has worked hard this past year for all of you as a strong advocate in mental health, peer support, and securing grant funding for NAIT students. I believe that these initiatives are key to your success and wellness as students and I want to continue her great work.

Over the last 10 semesters I have become more and more passionate about NAIT. I have NAITSA, clubs, and you, my peers to thank. Now, I want to give back and be that support for you, as your VP Student Services.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing more of your concerns, issues and suggestions to make NAIT even better!

I am here to listen:


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