candidate for PRESIDENT

I was not going to vote in the election, but then I decided to grow a pear.

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to be a member of the University of Alberta Student Council. This was rewarding for both me and the institution, because it allowed me to give back. Now it’s my time to give back to NAIT, a campus/school/home that has supported me through my diploma. Here I have had hundreds of opportunities to grow and be a better person. With my time served on various volunteer boards and previous work in Student government, I am ready to be the voice of students in making our school the best it can be.

My goal as president is to build on the vision of my VPs and bring on meaningful change to our school. With that in mind, here are the four things I hope to accomplish at NAIT:

1. More connectivity between the different Schools of NAIT
I love NAIT but one of the problems I find, is the lack of communication between schools. As a business student, I have no idea what goes on outside of CAT and it is rare that I have the opportunity to work with students in other programs. When we graduate, we will all have to work with people of different backgrounds. I resolve to mend the disconnect between the educational and working worlds. Let’s build more connections at NAIT!

2. Revamp Clubs
Clubs are an integral part of NAIT, and I believe that their creation and management should be made as simple as possible. NAITSA should be doing everything we can to support clubs and make sure that they can connect all different interests at our school. Let’s make the club system work for all!

3. Forecasting of International Student Tuition
Everyone wants lower tuition, but I can’t offer that. What I can offer is some forecasting for international students. Unlike domestic students, international tuition is set directly by NAIT. These costs are approximately four times that of domestic students. In the current model, international students learn each year what the next will cost, this is not sustainable. My mission with NAITSA is to offer them at least five years notice, so that they can plan their schooling around the cost of their education.

4. A better option for textbooks
I would like to make textbooks more accessible to students. Everyone has bought a textbook at some time in their program, and probably have one that they never opened. The same goes for those pesky first year books. Everyone uses them, and yet we all buy our own. *
Let’s make a change!

Remember to vote Pears (with an ‘e’) in this NAITSA election. As president I would like to represent you, the student. If you would like to get in involved please connect with me on twitter: @pearsemckinney, or by email:, I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can make a better NAIT experience.


Pearse Mckinney
Candidate for President

Naomi Pela
Candidate for President

Jonathan Alley
Candidate for VP Academic

Lucia Deng
Candidate for VP Academic

Shelvie Fernan
Candidate for VP Academic

Brenda Needham
Candidate for VP Academic

Shawn Siegers
Candidate for VP Academic

Karen Velasco
Candidate for VP External

Willow Shelley
Candidate for VP Student Services

Jenny Zeng
Candidate for VP Student Services