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Hello fellow students!

My name is Naomi Pela and I am running for the position of President within your Student Association. Before anything, I would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have supported me in becoming your VP External.

Working in this position for the past year has been very rewarding, as I have been able to advocate on your behalf on many fronts.

Alongside my team members and NAITSA staff, I have been able to help solidify our association’s position within the provincial Student Advocacy Group, which will give us a stronger voice when communicating student issues and interests to the government.

I have also been able to, as promised, help improve my fellow Ooks’ ability to engage with industry. I have initiated a working relationship with Academic Advising and Career Services and the Advancement Department at NAIT. I have worked with NAIT staff in organizing instructor information sessions about the event for the first time, so that students would be more informed of events on campus. I also created a video meant to provide you, the students, with a more strategic understanding of the fair. Furthermore, I am in the process of organizing a Summer Job Fair meant to connect you with employment opportunities for the summer months, through a hiring event that would take place on campus.

These projects have given me a deeper understanding of the student experience and the environment that creates it. The lessons I have learned and perspectives I have gained have motivated me to pursue another year in office.

I want to use the position of President to advocate to your institution for improved study spaces on campus. I have had the opportunity to see the benefits to students of enhancing spaces like the Natrium, and believe that there are other areas on campus that are suitable for such a project.

Stress, anxiety, and mental health are also issues of great importance to us students. In the past year, as your executives we had the opportunity to introduce the MyWellness plan, which provides students resources meant to help support our mental health. Having used and benefited from the video counselling provided through this plan, I understand the value in having the supports you need to be successful and healthy.
As such, I would like to use the relationships I have built in the past year, and the understanding I have gained of the inner workings of your institution, to dig deeper into the topics of study spaces and mental health. I believe my experience as a VP External will provide continuity for the team through ensuring that current projects are carried forward, and will also enable me to be an effective President by sharing my experiences with the newly elected Executives.

That said, study spaces and mental health are things that directly impact your experience at NAIT – I would love to chat with you and hear your suggestions and concerns!

Vote – Naomi Pela for President


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