Brenda Needham


Hello NAIT Students!

DO YOU WANT YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD? If so, RE-ELECT Brenda Needham. It would be my honour and privilege to continue to represent YOU on the NAITSA Executive as VP Academic.

Over the last year, I have learnt what NAITSA can do for us, the student. NAITSA is an incredible organization that works hard to serve the student needs whether it be advocacy, services, clubs or events.

My name is Brenda Needham and it would be my honour and privilege to continue to represent YOU as a member of NAITSA Executive Council, VP Academic.

I am here for you, the student; to resolve all your academic concerns. This past year I have initiated various conversations with NAIT staff to ensure students are at the forefront of the conversation.

Why vote for me? Well, in addition to being completely awesome, these are some of the things that I started and will continue:

✓ Experience in the position and have built various relationships across campus.
✓ Advocating your academic concerns
✓ Advocating for student led focus groups within the 4 schools (Health & Life Sciences, Skilled Trades, School of Applied Sciences & Technology and JR Shaw School of Business)
✓ To continue to advocate for a Fall Reading Week
✓ Working knowledge of NAIT’s Academic Regulations
✓ Excellent communication skills
✓ Attention to detail
✓ People focused
✓ Team player
✓ Integrity, passion, and respect
✓ VP Academic 2017/2018, continuity and experience

Completed my degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) majoring with a focus on Human Resources Management. I believe that my experiences, knowledge and passion is an asset that will ensure that your voice is heard.

Do you have issues with your teachers, your grades, your class schedules, or health concerns with construction?
I will ensure that you will have a say in how your education and experiences are structured?
I will ensure that your voice will be heard! I will champion your voice!

VP Academic is one of four vital roles on the Executive Council, I deal with the most fundamental reason why student choose to come to NAIT. We came to get an education. However, what happens when there is an issue? Who do you go to? VP Academic.

Re-elect BRENDA NEEDHAM to continue in representing YOU on the NAITSA Executive team as VP Academic.

Remember to get out and vote before February 15, 2018 (4pm)! You can make a difference by taking the time to vote.


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